Boot Camp 2017!

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Thanks to all parents for putting your faith in us and sending your heroes to boot camp this week. Our warriors had such a blast!
Our launches this week included Socratic discussions on learning and the purpose of school, teamwork and collaboration, a pep talk video about what it means to be a hero, communication, and facing challenges. Our warriors participated various team building adventures throughout the week, while also engaging in daily Core Skills, whether it was math, reading, or reflective writing. Most of them expressed that their favorite part of Boot Camp was quest time, where they worked on the Studio Design Quest.
They spent about an hour each day working in small teams to enhance a certain aspect of our studio: the library, the entry, the supply room, the activity room, the main studio, the Montessori room, etc. They collaborated, brainstormed, took inventory, calculated costs, met with interior design experts and thought deeper about concepts like functionality, lighting, and aesthetics. Then they created proposals for our THA Board of Directors, which were videotaped while they presented in front of their fellow travelers this week.
On Friday, after meditation they participated in their weekly town hall meeting, discussed the powerful words of Frederick Douglas (“Without struggle there can be no progress), engaged in team building activities, participated in reflective writing about their highlights, struggles and lessons learned from the week, set up the studio based on their proposals, and ended the week with “Character Call Outs” and a yummy special snack!
Boot camp served as a reminder to us all of how much fun learning can be, especially when the warriors are in charge of their own learning. More than anything, this boot camp reminded all of us of how amazing and welcoming our community of warriors is. Not only are the bonds extremely strong between our warriors, but are newest warriors were able to jump right in and quickly become an integral part of our THA family!  We’re so excited to see the whole tribe together in a few weeks!

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