Session 1 – Week 5

One of the distinguishing aspects of true human life is upholding our commitments. Through friendship, marriage, parenthood, family, profession, and in the spiritual realms of our lives, we all strive to uphold commitments. We know it is not always easy but this struggle makes life meaningful.

At THA, an essential question on every Warrior’s Hero’s Journey is: “What commitments must be made and kept?” Through the Signing Ceremony this week, our Warriors gained experience first hand of the importance of making to commitments to one another. They finalized and signed their Student Contract: a list of promises created by themselves of how they will conduct themselves upon entering the doors of their studio.

They also finalized and signed their Rules of Engagement for Socratic Discussions, which includes promises to: arrive on time and be prepared, be clear and concise, build on previous points, listen carefully with my whole body, with respect, etc. The Montessori Warriors (ages 5-6) also finalized and signed their Montessori Studio Contract.

In an environment that puts the responsibility of their education in their own hands, the contract is an essential step in solidifying their commitment to one another and to the studio.

They spent a lot of time in these past five weeks debating and delineating what would be the best promises to have on their final contract. Here they are:

THA Student Contract 2017-2018


Accept challenges

Advance on my hero’s journey

Take responsibility for my own education

Be on time

Be neat and organized

Win with grace and lose with honor

Treat studio supplies, materials, and furniture respectfully

Not hurt anyone physically or verbally

Work hard, always give my 110% and never give up

Pay attention when someone is talking to the group

Respect others, their thoughts, differences, and beliefs

Treat people the way I want to be treated

Resolve problems with the friend I am having issues with instead of talking about that friend with others

Speak only with kindness, encouragement, and truth

Treat the studio like a sacred space

Never accept snarkiness, poor sportsmanship, or any kind of bullying

Not gossip about people, or yell at people

Uphold my duties and responsibilities

Be fair, helpful, loyal, and trustworthy

Each day at THA brings various incidents of diligence, courage, perseverance, kindness, friendship, inquiry, and love. Our Warriors continued their “Why Sanskrit” Quest, researching the depths of this unparalleled language and working on drafts that we plan to use on the school’s website. They continued creating amazing artwork, participating in intense warm ups and their kickball unit in PE, pursuing flow and mastery in Core Skills, and diving deeper into their Power of Water Quest.

Launches this week included discussions on The Question of the Year, The Quality of the Session, Seeds of Potential (using different types of apples to show how we may all be different on the outside, but inside we are stars – when apples are cut horizontally), and introducing 360 reviews – an anonymous feedback loop in which Warriors give 2 stars and 1 wish to one another. The Town Hall discussing was very intense as they discussed a potential breach of trust in the studio.

One of the biggest highlights this week was an email from the President of the Irving Healthcare Foundation that we shared with the Warriors during Friday’s Character Call Outs. It is extremely refreshing to see Warriors engaged in meaningful work that is really making a difference in the world:

Hello, Mr. Shah.

Among all the relief supplies our organization collected for Hurricane Harvey relief, I found the boxes created by your students to be the most touching. The notes and items chosen by children for children were (to me) among the most special. As a point of stewardship, I wanted to let you know that the supplies were sent to the distribution center that provided goods to the evacuees who sheltered here in Irving.

I did not want to let another week pass without thanking you most sincerely. I hope you and your brother, your families, and the entire team at your Academy are blessed tenfold for your great kindness and compassion.


With great regard,



John Drake, CFRE


Irving Healthcare Foundation


Enjoy the pictures from the week!


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