Session 1 – Week 6 (End of Session)

In a school that rejects traditional standards of measuring progress: grades, report cards, GPAs, standardized test scores, etc. the Exhibitions play a tremendous role in demonstrating learning at THA.  Throughout the year, Warriors are challenged to plan and lead exhibitions at the end of each quest (usually every six weeks). The goal is to present their learning to the community in a unique and engaging way.

Last Friday our Warriors hosted their first exhibition of the year. It was an attempt to show parents the various aspects of their day-to-day lives and give a tour of the studio. They had a greeting committee, refreshments, gave personal tours, showed videos of their Power of Water quests, facilitated a Socratic discussion, and participated in a question and answer panel for the parents. It was quite an amazing experience.

But from a guide perspective, the most amazing part had nothing to do with the actual exhibition. A week before the exhibition, Warriors were challenged to plan their very first exhibition of the year – “The world is coming to your studio in week, and you have two hours to show them the amazing things you are doing. How will you spend those two hours? What will you show them?”

The guides stepped back and let Warriors take the lead. Seeing them come up with ideas, watching those ideas turn into a concrete schedule of events, witnessing them divide themselves into teams, seeing various Warriors volunteer to coordinate things for their teams, watching them create their own pamphlets and researching how to conduct a Socratic discussion, and finally, witnessing them rehearse the exhibition… it was magical.

Not everything was perfect – at times the discussion and panel felt long, the videos were hard to hear and see at times, they weren’t always speaking kindly amongst one another, etc. and we encourage parents to share their feedback so Warriors can continue to improve. But the most amazing thing was that, aside from a little shopping for refreshments, and some AV assistance – uploading videos to youtube and setting up the projector, the work was entirely their own. It is truly amazing what our Warriors are capable of!

Other pictures from the week! Enjoy!


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