Session 4 – Week 1


“I honor Fire…bestower of unity and sacrifice (yajna)…”  – Rig Veda (1.1.1)

Despite a short week, Warriors were very excited to be back and jumped right back into the swing of things. It was amazing to see the studio come alive again after the holiday break.

Thursday’s morning launch focused on remembering their sacred Studio Contract – each Warrior was given a specific contract promise on a slip and challenged to explain or act out that promise using specific studio life examples. Then we revisited SMART Goals before diving into Core Skills for the next few hours. It was amazing to see how many Warriors were working on Core Skills over the break even though they are never assigned any homework! We had multiple Warriors either finish the entire Khan Academy mini-badge for their current level, or get past 90% in completion.

Middle School Warriors also conducted a mini-launch to revisit their badge system and evaluate their pacing. Guides will continue these discussions for each level in Week 2.  Questions they discussed: Am I on track to complete what I have set out for this year? What areas am I doing well in? What badge(s) do I need to focus more on as we start session 4?

Warriors enjoyed their free time outside playing football, soccer, and their own creative games as they spread across our awesome field.

In addition to DEAR, Town Hall, and team building activities, they really enjoyed civilization- a demonstration of Maria Montessori’s 3rd great lesson: the coming of humans!

Perhaps their biggest highlight, though, was Quest time. They have embarked on a journey as scientists to explore power and energy. We started this quest thinking about what we would need if we were stranded on an island with no technology. As various answers came parading through the discussion, a young warrior mentioned the importance of fire in order for her to stay warm. They went on thinking about how fire was an essential discovery to humanity and watched this history channel clip.  Warriors were challenged by various questions: is fire more of a destructive or constructive force? what are all the ways that fire helps us? why is fire so significant to humans? what qualities can we learn from fire? what does it take to start a fire? what from nature burns well? what doesn’t? why? (They conducted an experiment on Day two and actually started their own fires using sunlight and magnifying glasses.) They will continue exploring fire, fuel, linear motion, rotational motion, turbines vs. pistons, wind vs. solar power, and top everything off with their design of the car of the future! The quest map is below, followed by other pictures from the week. Can’t wait to see it all unfold! See you next week.


Quest Map for ES and MS Warriors. Montessori Warriors will have a slightly modified but energy related quest.



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