Drama Quest – Weeks 3-4

It’s always extremely difficult to put into words the incredible happenings everyday and just about every moment at THA!

Here are some highlights:


After choosing their play’s director, producer, set and costume designers, and cast, Warriors were busy working on their parts and memorizing their lines during quest time.


Inspired by the Acton MBA Program, our THA Middle Schoolers established a “Clearness Commitee” to assist in developing clarity for their apprenticeships. They asked one another very insightful and thought-provoking, “would you rather” questions in preparation for this monumental step in their Hero’s Journeys!


The field trip to the Dallas Children’s Theater was unbelievable! Not only did they get to ride a school bus (a first time for many of them) and watch a very creative play, but one of the biggest highlights was the honor of working with esteemed actor, director, and choreographer B.J. Cleveland! This award-winning expert, who has been involved in over 400 professional productions and even hosted a show on Disney, shared his insights and helped our Warriors hone their acting skills. His immaculate feedback was just what Warriors needed in preparation for their upcoming exhibition.


Warriors made the most of the rainy days, playing chess, reading books, and playing card games like this during free time…


The THA Community was blessed tremendously to have Laura Sandefer and Matt Clayton join us for a night filled with inspiration as they lifted our eyes to the horizon…


Amazing to see our seeds sprouting in just a few shorts days in our THA Garden!


Our Warriors did not disappoint as they fielded questions from prospective parents on a student panel. Great to witness their clarity of how they learn at THA.


The Launches as always, did not disappoint… Warriors engaged in inspirational and thought-provoking Socratic discussions on topics like Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, William Henley’s Invictus (the poem that motivated Nelson Mandela while in prison for 27 years), sincerity through a modified version of “The Ring of Gyges” from Plato’s Republic, and our Question of the Year: What does it mean to be powerful?


Warriors are loving their “Poetry Writer’s Workshop” so much that they are often found writing poems like this one during their free time!

Our Warriors have a monumental task ahead of them as they prepare for the exhibition on May 15th. While they have begun selling tickets, they are still working on memorizing their lines, beginning on cue, their expressions, voice projection, blocking, listening and reacting, etc. not to mention their sets, props, and costumes… Will they be able to pull it all off and be ready for the show in less than 8 days time? I guess we’ll have to wait and see…


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